The Cost of a Lifetime Senior Pass to Our National Parks is Going Way Up!

I should have made sure to get this post up before today as there’s barely enough time for any of you who didn’t know this but would like to have the pass at minimal cost to get ‘er done.

The cost of the America The Beautiful lifetime senior pass for the National Park system has been $10 for about 23 years. That all changes this Monday, the 28th of August.

The new price will be $80. Yeah, quite a jump, isn’t it?

I just got my paperwork mailed off two days ago. There’s no additional fee if you get one in person at any National Park. But because of the approaching deadline, it’s damn near impossible to get one that way; there’s a huge run on these gems, and they’re usually all gone within a few hours. I was told that by a Park Ranger in a phone convo on Monday.

So printing the hard copy app and filling out credit/debit card info may be your only option. They’ll hit your card for twenty bucks, ten for the actual fee and ten more for processing, at the time they print it, lick it and stick it! (Cards only, checks won’t work.)

If you think you might be able to make it to a park in person in your neck of the woods before they’re all gone, here’s a link to the site to see all the possible parks and facilities where they’re available but you must call before you go! Then you’re good with just ten bucks! For a lifetime pass!

Can’t wait for mine to get here!

Enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty, folks. Hope to see you out there!



Keepin’ one eye on the mailbox, I am,

“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit National Park Service



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