Bulldog Is NOT On a Disney Cruise Line Ship, but He Just…

He just caught one passing by on his latest beach outing! Full of happy cruisers of all ages, no doubt! Wonder where Mickey and Minnie’s cabin is on this one!

I have to be frank and say this outing was awful as far as pix are concerned, but I had fun. This is quite likely the only photo from this trip which will ever live off my hard drive… We don’t hit a home run every time we step up to the plate, do we?

Going to watch my Bucs on Monday Night Football from my fave beach hang-out before heading home. That would be Slow and Low Barbecue, of course!

I knew this trip would be a quickie, but I wanted to at least hear it and smell it. The sea, of course! I did. And after dinner and some football I’ll head the wrong way on the Beachline Expressway, get myself home and and try to get one or two light tasks done before the late news rolls around, signaling the start of the bedtime ritual. (Of which Stephen Colbert is an important part!)

And after my eyes fly open sometime around 6:15 tomorrow, I’ll go through another thoroughly mundane day, daydreaming of lazy days spent in the woods or at the shore, scheming some way to rearrange the hours and the dollars coming my way this week into some new configuration that just could result in another outdoor adventure!

When we get the chance to have one of those fabulous forays into the wild or over to the shore, it’s such a cool thing. The longer the stay, the better!

And those three or four hour excursions aren’t so bad. When that’s all I can do, I do it!

Get outdoors, friends! You won’t regret it!


“Bulldog Ben” Basile

Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

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