So Where Did 2017 Go?

It’s a given that the farther we are along life’s path, the more time appears to accelerate. I’m thinking that most of this is a matter of perception. But it still comes as a bit of a shock that we’re in the waning moments of 2017.

How did we get here so fast? How is it that each year hurtles by at warp speed? Where does the time go? Where has my life gone?

I know I’m not the lone ranger here; lots of folks who, like me, have survived for six decades or better get into this psychological space regularly. But still, my head is whirling around and it truly seems like something is terribly wrong in the universe.

I’m in this space again as we have gotten so close to the end of the year. Now that those year-in-review things have begun, and folks are checking to be sure that they’ve booked a New Years Eve event, I feel like I’m on some inner precipice, staring into the abyss of time and feeling like I’ll fall over the edge at any moment.

I suppose one strategy to deal with this is to live one’s life in such a way as to make the most of each fleeting moment. And to prioritize our lives so that we spend the most of those finite moments doing the things that matter most. I get it. Doing that each day does not come easily for me, but that is the goal; that’s my New Years resolution. Again!

Meanwhile, I’d be so grateful if the gods of time would please, please, oh please just slow the whole damn thing down just a wee bit. Please!

3 Comments on “So Where Did 2017 Go?

  1. Understood Ben, but careful what you ask for (read “Age of Miracles” by Karen Thompson Walker). But DO live each day, each moment!! Happy Wednesday at 10:36am!

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  2. Upping sticks and moving 550 miles to escape the doldrums of a ‘nothing to remember’ life as we speak.Where did my last year go? Not sure, but I know I did better last year than the previous 17 years of my old job.

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  3. Nice to hear you’re moving in a good direction. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s a positive trend for me; often it seems more clear after a few months pass. But God knows, it’s not unusual for me to spend months and sometimes years living a totally stagnant existence. But when I decide to “get unstuck”, the positive changes can come quickly.

    My M.O. is to resist change but in the last five or six yrs, I’ve had some success at shortening that wait time and embracing and moving with the changes more quickly. I do wish I’d started cultivating that skill sooner…

    Oh well, it is what it is!


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