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The 3rd is not too late to…

Today is the 3rd of January and that is not too late to send along New Year’s wishes to my friends here on da bulldog blog! There’s no doubt that 2019 is going to be a very significant year. Although I don’t have a… Continue Reading “The 3rd is not too late to…”

So Where Did 2017 Go?

It’s a given that the farther we are along life’s path, the more time appears to accelerate. I’m thinking that most of this is a matter of perception. But it still comes as a bit of a shock that we’re in the waning moments… Continue Reading “So Where Did 2017 Go?”

Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park

Visiting parks and natural sites, with or without camping, is one way Americans like to spend the holidays. I throw my lot with my fellows who’re into such things. I’m very much hoping to spend at least a part of the week between Christmas… Continue Reading “Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park”