Happy Birthday to Mike Basile

My big bro Mike would be turning 67 today, but liver disease claimed him back in 2007.

Mike was a very straight-up kind of guy. What you saw was what you got! Loved Jesus, loved his family and tried his dead-level best to keep his two kid brothers in line!

Yeah, that was a tough assignment at times. Especially with yours truly. What can I say?

In the header photo, you can see those three Basile brothers! This was at New Smyrna Beach back in ’64. Yeah, I was on his shoulders.

Makes for a pretty good photo. And it reflects the truth that Mike was as good a big brother as any man could hope for. Looked out for John and me with a steady eye. Whether we wanted him to or not! He loved us. We never doubted it.

He was all about faith and family; a proud veteran and steadfast patriot. My brother Michael Lee Basile.

Happy Birthday, bro! Love you!



Benjamin Lawrence Basile



Photo credit Basile Family Fotos




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