Tag: Birthdays

Walt Disney’s Birthday

Some happy news: today is the birthday of Walt Disney. For me–and for so many others–that is, indeed, a cause for celebration. The world is a better place for Walt having come along. A mere 118 years ago, I might add. It’s also true… Continue Reading “Walt Disney’s Birthday”

Family on My Mind. Love you, Dad.

Cancer is a terrible disease. Today is the day my Dad, Joe Basile, would be turning 95 if cancer had not struck him down in 2007. As all sons do, I think about Dad a lot. He’s always on my mind especially when July… Continue Reading “Family on My Mind. Love you, Dad.”

Full Moon over Tosohatchee WMA

Last night there was a lovely full moon illuminating my camp site. I don’t think I can truly describe what it was like. The magnificent moon shadows took my breath away; I was spellbound. Last night was extraordinary for another reason. My youngest turned… Continue Reading “Full Moon over Tosohatchee WMA”

Happy Birthday to Mike Basile

My big bro Mike would be turning 67 today, but liver disease claimed him back in 2007. Mike was a very straight-up kind of guy. What you saw was what you got! Loved Jesus, loved his family and tried his dead-level best to keep… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday to Mike Basile”