This time at Tosohatchee, Bulldog…

This time, I got to stay a while! Three days and two nights, so a bit longer than the quickies I’ve had at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area so far.

I had a blast. Leaving most of the clothes I had planned to bring was a downer but it still was a very fine outing. One I really needed, too, truth be told!

I had nothing to wear at all for chillier temps and the low both nights hit 61. That’s not real cold, but you feel it in shorts and a tee.

But I’m heading back just as fast as I can.

The header photo is one I really like. This is what you see simply by looking up from my camp site.

I’ve got lots of pix from this outing. So I’ll be posting with some of those after a while.

I hope you’ve spent a few nights lately at Camp Serenity. I don’t spend nearly as much time there as I’d like!


“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile



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