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National Trails Day

Now, that’s one of my fave days, to be sure! We do observe this auspicious day each year and I’m thinking of some of the trails I have known and loved. The banner photo is of one tiny stretch of the Florida Trail. This… Continue Reading “National Trails Day”

I did get back there and…

I enjoyed my camping trip to Tosohatchee WMA just beyond Christmas. That awesome but tiny little town is the last community before the Orange-Brevard line. Had a good time but I did learn one unpleasant lesson: even in a Wildlife Management Area, where you… Continue Reading “I did get back there and…”

Heading back to Tosohatchee!

Haven’t been camping in about three months or so and I’m going through withdrawals! No, that’s not a joke! So I’ll get my next “nature hit” in about a week’s time and I’m all jacked up over it! I like the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management… Continue Reading “Heading back to Tosohatchee!”

This photo is awfully good!

This was just moments after the one I put with the previous post. It comes from a good-sized creek in Tosohatchee that I had not seen until this trip. I should find that map and tell you guys the name of the creek, but… Continue Reading “This photo is awfully good!”

This time at Tosohatchee, Bulldog…

This time, I got to stay a while! Three days and two nights, so a bit longer than the quickies I’ve had at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area so far. I had a blast. Leaving most of the clothes I had planned to bring… Continue Reading “This time at Tosohatchee, Bulldog…”

More Photos of the Tosohatchee WMA coming soon

I posted a write up about the recent open house at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area about a week ago. It might have given the outdoor enthusiast a pretty decent feel for what that very cool event was like. What I didn’t do was… Continue Reading “More Photos of the Tosohatchee WMA coming soon”

About the Open House at the Tosohatchee WMA

This post took a while. Bulldog’s had a lot on his plate of late. But that event at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area was very cool, and there’s much on which to report. First of all, this open house took place on Jan 27th… Continue Reading “About the Open House at the Tosohatchee WMA”

Ben Murders a Haiku. The Tree’s Fine.

I just love this gnarly ole tree. It’s almost as twisted as me!     Yes, this noble tree was one of the cool sights I saw Saturday at the FWC’s open house event at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area. Had a great time… Continue Reading “Ben Murders a Haiku. The Tree’s Fine.”

Headed Back to Tosohatchee Next Saturday

The Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area is, by far, the closest of Florida’s WMA’s to my neck of the woods. I loved the afternoon I spent there back on January 4th and so I was happy to see that our FWC is planning an event… Continue Reading “Headed Back to Tosohatchee Next Saturday”

Hikers, Hunters, Birders and Campers Love the Tosohatchee WMA

Just 20 minutes east of Orlando is the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area and it’s a site well worth seeing for outdoor-loving folk like you! Florida’s Wildlife Management Areas are quite different from State Parks, as folks who want to hike, camp, hunt or target… Continue Reading “Hikers, Hunters, Birders and Campers Love the Tosohatchee WMA”