Happy Moon Day 2018, Folks!

Yes, it is National Moon Day today. We observe it on July 20th each year because Neil Armstrong first walk on the Moon’s surface on this date back in 1969.

And, yes, I do remember exactly what I was doing on the day! I was touring the U.S. with a high school choral group called the Young Floridians in Concert. We were sponsored by Central Florida YFC and were travelling through upstate New York on that day, heading for our next show.

To help in some small way to mark this auspicious day, I’m contributing one of my own Moon shots I like the best.

You’re welcome!

If you’d like to leave a comment, especially if you have a story to share about what you were doing on that day, please feel free!


“Moondog Ben” Basile



Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile



2 Comments on “Happy Moon Day 2018, Folks!

  1. They got national anything day. Next it’ll be National Take a Dump Day…lol


    • It is true that there’s a “National Day of…” just about anything you can imagine. Some of them amuse me. But “National Moon Day” totally rocks!

      Just an interesting little factoid about the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon: I was with your stepmom–and about 25 other singers and chaperones–on that choral tour in New York state while that was going on… I remember it well!


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