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Two Butterflies and Four Years

It was four years ago that I happened upon a sizeable flutter of butterflies at Moss Park in SE Orlando. I had about a 30 minute opportunity to capture a few of them and I was very pleased with the results. We went back… Continue Reading “Two Butterflies and Four Years”

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy!

If you read much news and you’re pay attention to anything relating to ecology, no doubt you’ve heard that bees are not having such an easy time these days. It’s not so easy to be a bee, trying to live, thrive and survive! So… Continue Reading “Don’t Worry, Bee Happy!”

Butterflies and Bees Work Together Well

Check out that bee in the center of the photo. It’s easy to miss him, as the butterflies tend to draw your eye. I suppose in nature, everyone has their role to play. I guess that’s true of people, too. I’m thinking that now… Continue Reading “Butterflies and Bees Work Together Well”