In Praise of Blossoming Trees

In Praise of Blossoming Trees

This post of mine first appeared back on July 5, 2016. I’m running it again today because of the beautiful Tabebuia I saw in someone’s yard last week. That fabulous tree is pictured in the photo at the bottom.


There are few things in Nature as beautiful as a tabebuia tree. The photo here is of one I tended, watered and pruned for nine years. Lovely tree; it was a gift from our next door neighbor.

The fact that a tabebuia only blooms for a few days each spring does not detract from its beauty. It’s a reminder for me that life is fleeting and we blossom for a brief season, then fall away and return to the earth. It is good to have your day in the sun!

Though these lovely trees are barren now, there are some beautiful trees, fairly-common in the Sunshine State, which display their gorgeous, bright-yellow blossoms in summer’s sultry heat! I refer to the yellow poinciana, better known to arborists as the peltophorum.

I’ve seen more than a few of them around Central Florida in the last three or four summers; they’re quite a spectacle for those of us who crave a little color in the Florida landscape before autumn’s arrival. They seem to blossom from the top down and the blossoms last a good, long while. They can grow up to 50 ft tall; I’ve seen one nearly that size near the entrance to Disney’s Jambo House Resort.

Count me as one of those Floridians who stays indoors a lot more at this time of year. Day after day of temps in the mid-nineties gets old pretty quick. When I do motor about from place to place here in our subtropical paradise, it’s such a welcome pleasure to be greeted by those lovely yellow blossoms!

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If you’d like to see a brief feature about these fine specimens of arboreal beauty from an excellent source, click on this link.


“Bulldog Ben” Basile

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Photo credits Benjamin Lawrence Basile

The Recent Return to Moss Park Was a Success in Every Way

The Recent Return to Moss Park Was a Success in Every Way

No, it wasn’t just about lots of butterfly pix. That was a real treat, for sure. Even if I’m the only one who thinks those photos constitute some really awesome camera work.

It may well have been my coolest encampment yet. And the gang of raccoons that plundered my food store and invaded the sanctity of my precious PT Cruiser last time around did not inflict great trauma on me on this visit to their domain.

And I got to know the park better, beyond the camping part of it, that is. Huge park with so many cool things to do.

This featured image is from that great mix of stalwart pines and majestic oaks that are all around the main swimming beach.

This photo is from my camp site looking in the general direction of the lake, though it can’t been seen in the photo. My space was also right next to the main pier.IMG_3693

Loved my spot even though this time around it put me a bit too close to a large group of very, very rowdy campers. I think it was something like a family reunion. There’s a little more to that story, but I’m going to keep it happy and upbeat. Loved the getaway, loved my pictures.

It’s looking like I’m going to have to dial back on the frequent camping in the next few weeks or months to bump up my earnings just a bit. Life is filled with these trade offs, isn’t it? We do what we must, I suppose.

I’ll still be scratchin’ that major “outdoor itch” I get a lot. But I got to TCB, too! I most certainly be posting stuff right here on da Bulldog blog all along.

Best wishes to you as we go through this early spring time. May it be an excellent season for us. A good time to get out there — frequently — and enjoy the wonders of Nature.


“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile