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Quick Trip Back to the Beach

It had been about three months since I had made a beach visit. And that’s way too long. Because it’s been difficult — as well as risky, of course — to get to the shore, I’ve been eager to get some sand in my… Continue Reading “Quick Trip Back to the Beach”

National Arbor Day 2020

Yes, it’s National Arbor Day today. But with most of America — and the world, for that matter — staying close to home, celebrating this auspicious day is just a bit different this time. My celebration of the day this year includes two things.… Continue Reading “National Arbor Day 2020”

Happy New Year to YOU!

We stand on the threshold of a new year. And my wish for you is that 2020 will be a splendid year, indeed. I have to say that 2019 was an awful year in some ways. I have been–and continue to be–greatly alarmed to… Continue Reading “Happy New Year to YOU!”

A Christmas Wish for Everyone

A Christmas wish for everyone today This has been a challenging year for me in a lot of ways, yet I find myself feeling even more than the usual holiday spirit right now as I sit at the keyboard, waiting for Santa to come… Continue Reading “A Christmas Wish for Everyone”

National Cookie Day is here

You may not have realized that today is a very special day, but it is. It’s National Cookie Day! Yes, I do keep my eye on such things! Yes, you’re very welcome. I hope you’ve done something special for this celebration. You might be… Continue Reading “National Cookie Day is here”

The “true beginning” of Fall

I think you know that the beginning of Autumn falls each year around the third week in September. It truly does. But for me, I really feel like it’s Fall when we get a week or so into the month of October. So many… Continue Reading “The “true beginning” of Fall”

Thought this day would never…

I’ve been going through that awesome, suitably vintage-y Peanuts desk calendar I love so well, counting the days until… until TODAY! Because it’s the 29th of September, National Coffee Day! Yeah, it IS a big deal for this juiced-up java head! I loves me… Continue Reading “Thought this day would never…”

National Public Lands Day

Today is National Public Lands Day and it provides a good occasion to learn more about our National Park system and public lands in general. And to learn what volunteer opportunities there are to preserve and improve America’s public lands. If you’d like to… Continue Reading “National Public Lands Day”

It’s Labor Day and you should…

It most certainly is Labor Day and you should take life easy today! I’m off and I hope you’re not having to put in your eight hours today. If you’d like to know a bit more about the history of this auspicious holiday, just… Continue Reading “It’s Labor Day and you should…”

National Read A Book Day

Yes, that is what day it is today! I’m going through two tomes at this moment. The first is Hunter Killer by Lt Col T. Mark McCurley. It’s all about the use of drones or Remotely Piloted Aircraft in the conflicts in Iraq and… Continue Reading “National Read A Book Day”