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The Squirrel and the Spiritual Experience

This is a classic blog posting from a while back, before I had my blog here with the folks at Word Press. I’m going to re-run it here, as it’s a fave of mine: Now about that squirrel and “the spiritual experience”! I had… Continue Reading “The Squirrel and the Spiritual Experience”

Can’t beat Keke’s Breakfast Cafe in the morning

I just learned that the Keke’s we had been teased about has finally opened up. I now no longer have to trek to the Dr. Phillips area to have their amazing chow. Not that it’s all that far, not for the Mac-Daddy of all… Continue Reading “Can’t beat Keke’s Breakfast Cafe in the morning”

Review of Achilles Art Cafe, a coffee shop in Orlando

I had noticed Achilles one Saturday afternoon while heading back to the dog house. It’s not too far from the part of Orlando I call home. I was surprised to see that it was not open. I inquired later and found out that A.A.C.… Continue Reading “Review of Achilles Art Cafe, a coffee shop in Orlando”