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Two Butterflies and Four Years

It was four years ago that I happened upon a sizeable flutter of butterflies at Moss Park in SE Orlando. I had about a 30 minute opportunity to capture a few of them and I was very pleased with the results. We went back… Continue Reading “Two Butterflies and Four Years”

Bulldog Needs to Get Back to Butterfly Heaven Soon!

Moss Park. Lots and lots of Butterflies. That was back in the springtime and it was an outdoor excursion I’ll always treasure. One of the best EVER for this puppy, sans un doute! (Can’t beat Florida in the spring if you’re a butterfly buff!)… Continue Reading “Bulldog Needs to Get Back to Butterfly Heaven Soon!”

The Recent Return to Moss Park Was a Success in Every Way

No, it wasn’t just about lots of butterfly pix. That was a real treat, for sure. Even if I’m the only one who thinks those photos constitute some really awesome camera work. It may well have been my coolest encampment yet. And the gang… Continue Reading “The Recent Return to Moss Park Was a Success in Every Way”

J’ai seulement vu un papillon la première fois

When I saw this photo the first few times, I thought it was only one exquisitely beautiful papillon, but it’s two. Not sure why I didn’t see the second one for a while. She’s turned “on edge” so she seems one-dimensional. But there are… Continue Reading “J’ai seulement vu un papillon la première fois”

Butterflies and Bees Work Together Well

Check out that bee in the center of the photo. It’s easy to miss him, as the butterflies tend to draw your eye. I suppose in nature, everyone has their role to play. I guess that’s true of people, too. I’m thinking that now… Continue Reading “Butterflies and Bees Work Together Well”

Seulement un Beau Papillon Ici

Love this shot. I can’t do much better. Sometimes the photo gods smile on you.   Bulldog Ben   Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

Exquisite Beauty is Hovering Around Moss Park Today

I’m in butterfly heaven right now. Some of these photos can almost make me cry. Much more editing to do, but I’m getting some of the ones I really like out now. Are butterflies not some of God’s most amazing creations? (Don’t draw any… Continue Reading “Exquisite Beauty is Hovering Around Moss Park Today”