Friction Farm Touring Florida and Playing at Long Point Park

Friction Farm Touring Florida and Playing at Long Point Park

In my last posting, I gave a quick run-down of last week’s very cool visit to a fave camping spot, Long Point Park in Melbourne Beach. And I mentioned that the trip gave me a long-overdue chance to catch up with an acoustic duo who’ve been at the top of my list for a long time. That would be Friction Farm, consisting of Aiden Quinn and Christine Stay.

Aiden and Christine are as good an acoustic duo as I’ve ever seen; their vocal harmonies are heartfelt, vibrant and warm. Their skill on their instruments is admirable — Aiden on guitar and Christine on acoustic bass and harmonica — and their stage presence is warm, even intimate at times without seeming contrived or schmaltzy.

What I like best about these two is that they skillfully create and showcase all original music in a way that is fresh but familiar. Their lyrics speak to me song after song, whether the tone is light and humorous or more purposeful and activist; and their well of melodic material is deep. I believe they’ve cut three new CD’s since I heard them last. Yes, it has been a while. But I’ve loved them every time I’ve been fortunate enough to catch one of their performances over the many years. (You’ve got to hear Red Fish, Blue Fish; especially if, like me, you’re a boomer and loved Dr. Seuss!)

If you hear of Friction Farm playing in your town, make sure you see them. And tell Aiden and Christine that Bulldog Ben sent you!

To view their site to hear cuts from their latest CD, I Read Your Book, see the complete discography or get on their email list, follow this link.


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My Second Visit to Long Point Camp and Friction Farm!

My Second Visit to Long Point Camp and Friction Farm!

I got back into town six days ago after my return to Long Point Camp in Melbourne Beach. Had a very nice time but didn’t blog about it until now as I’m right in the middle of a move.

Moving is just about my least favorite thing in the whole world. It ranks just below having a root canal but a tad bit higher than throwing up on a crowded bus. And — as you all know well — moving is not just taxing physically and emotionally, it’s always really, really time-consuming. Yuck.

Be that as it may, my return to Long Point was a fine stretch of camping by any standard. The weather was absolutely perfect and I got a chance to see a couple of friends from the world of acoustic music that I don’t get to see very often. That would be Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay, known together in the world of acoustic music as Friction Farm. These two have been delighting lovers of acoustic music for over ten years now and they’re faves of mine.

Staying at one of the coolest campgrounds in the Sunshine State and getting to see Aidan and Christine again — two mighty fine days and a wonderful way to kick off the month of February!

Friction Farm is so darn good that I’m going to devote the next post to their show at Long Point Camp. I booked Long Point for this particular camping excursion specifically to have a chance to hear them and catch up on their musical adventures. Not that one needs a special reason to make a trip to Long Point, but I did want to see Friction Farm again. I’m glad I did.

So, more about the musical part of this excursion in a minute. I’ll wrap this up by saying that I hope you guys are having a splendid month of February and that at least some of you are getting to scratch that outdoor itch!

Back in the apartment and missing Mother Nature, I am,

“Bulldog Ben” Basile

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