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Fighting Funny Food Phobias

Some of you may know that I spent a huge chunk of my working life as a server. At Disney, and many other places. Some well-known chains, some Mom-and-Pops, a pretty good cross section of restaurants. And that’s one reason why I enjoy doing… Continue Reading “Fighting Funny Food Phobias”

Bulldog Was So Happy When He Realized

Well, you see, I was up a bit after midnight last night. Oops, that would be a bit after midnight this morning, to be more accurate. Up baking scratch cornbread muffins. And it made me so frickin’ happy when I realized that the shoe… Continue Reading “Bulldog Was So Happy When He Realized”

Grits and Bacon Bits! A Marriage Made in Heaven!

Am I the only guy who throws some bacon bits into his grits just before plating ’em? It’s a very cool trick I discovered while camping last winter and it works just as well in the kitchen, folks! Of course, I don’t mean bacon… Continue Reading “Grits and Bacon Bits! A Marriage Made in Heaven!”