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Throw that Green Stuff in The Batter!

If you’ve been following the blog, you may remember that I do quite a lot of cooking and baking. Love to cook, whether I’m indoors or out; It keeps me fed and out of mischief as that saying goes. For whatever reason, I haven’t… Continue Reading “Throw that Green Stuff in The Batter!”

I love cornbread too much!

Back in mid-January I posted about making scratch cornbread. It truly is something I enjoy. A lot. Strange as it my seem, I think I enjoy the baking as much as the eating. I did it again. And I’m posting about it again. And… Continue Reading “I love cornbread too much!”

Bulldog Was So Happy When He Realized

Well, you see, I was up a bit after midnight last night. Oops, that would be a bit after midnight this morning, to be more accurate. Up baking scratch cornbread muffins. And it made me so frickin’ happy when I realized that the shoe… Continue Reading “Bulldog Was So Happy When He Realized”

Bulldog Certainly Does Wish You a Most Happy New Year!

This is a quick blog posting to say that I do hope this brand-new year of 2018 has gotten off to a good start for you! You just might feel–as I do–that 2017 was so awful that this year has just GOT to be… Continue Reading “Bulldog Certainly Does Wish You a Most Happy New Year!”