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Herman Cain dead at 78

Former Presidential candidate and conservative icon Herman Cain has passed. He died today after battling COVID-19 for the last month. If Mr Cain and I had ever had a chance to talk about this pandemic and the way it’s taken so many lives, I’m… Continue Reading “Herman Cain dead at 78”

It’s World Health Day

The 7th of April is World Health Day each year. It’s always a good time to show appreciation to our health care professionals but it seems all the more appropriate now that COVID-19 is ravaging our world. Nurses have been there for me in… Continue Reading “It’s World Health Day”

Heroes Are on Their Way

There’s no doubt that the healthcare catastrophe the world is facing now generates almost unlimited bad news. Like so many of us, when I read or hear good news, it’s a real ray of sunshine piercing through what seems like an impenetrably dark cloud.… Continue Reading “Heroes Are on Their Way”

Coronavirus, the risks of comparison and a Silver Lining

It’s natural that when we have a new threat–talking about the Coronavirus–that we compare it to something we already know about. But the Coronavirus is very different from the flu that we’re all very familiar with. Different in several important ways. This article will… Continue Reading “Coronavirus, the risks of comparison and a Silver Lining”