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Heroes Are on Their Way

There’s no doubt that the healthcare catastrophe the world is facing now generates almost unlimited bad news. Like so many of us, when I read or hear good news, it’s a real ray of sunshine piercing through what seems like an impenetrably dark cloud.… Continue Reading “Heroes Are on Their Way”

First Cali, now New York

Some of you may know that California was the first of the 50 States to ban single-use plastic shopping bags. That happened back in August of 2014. New York is about to become the second to do it. Of course, some members of the… Continue Reading “First Cali, now New York”

UCF knocks off Illinois, advances to NIT Final Four – Orlando Sentinel

I was on the UCF campus yesterday evening to see our Knights take on the Seminoles in softball. No. 1 ranked FSU bested the Knights by a score of 4-0. It was a good contest and I don’t think the UCF softball stadium could… Continue Reading “UCF knocks off Illinois, advances to NIT Final Four – Orlando Sentinel”