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Getting the Starter STARTED!

One of the projects I’ve wanted to get done — especially while we all have a lot of time on our hands — is to get sourdough starter actually started! It’s on the counter now and with daily feedings it should be ready to… Continue Reading “Getting the Starter STARTED!”

Of Bread and Bread Bags

Yes, that’s the fascinating title for today’s post. I think I better explain… The part about bread, specifically, is that last Saturday, I messed up–badly. And I’m posting today to own up to what I did… You see, last Saturday, the 23rd, was National… Continue Reading “Of Bread and Bread Bags”

Make ’em, don’t bake ’em!

You may not have realized that today is a very special day, but it is! It’s National Cookie Day! Yes, I do keep my eye on such things! Yes, you’re very welcome! I made cookies in honor of N.C.D., and they’re my total favorites.… Continue Reading “Make ’em, don’t bake ’em!”