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Lori Wilson Park might be…

My fave park in Cocoa Beach is Lori Wilson Park, adjoining the beach. Right off A1A. And it just might be the the best spot in the very cool town of Cocoa Beach for outdoor freaks like me. There are plenty of things to… Continue Reading “Lori Wilson Park might be…”

New Photo from Lori Wilson Park

Took so many shots from that recent visit that it’s hard to process them all. Editing photos is a cool thing, but if you come back with 400+ photos, it’s a daunting task. Here’s one I like. Just thought I’d get it out there.… Continue Reading “New Photo from Lori Wilson Park”

Life’s A Beach! And Then You Go Back to Work…

I ended up scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday again this weekend and it’s not the end of the world. I like the work I do and our management and crew are exceptional people to work with, so I’m not going to whine about… Continue Reading “Life’s A Beach! And Then You Go Back to Work…”