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Quick Trip Back to the Beach

It had been about three months since I had made a beach visit. And that’s way too long. Because it’s been difficult — as well as risky, of course — to get to the shore, I’ve been eager to get some sand in my… Continue Reading “Quick Trip Back to the Beach”

Time to walk the Beach

Sometimes you just want to walk up and down the beach. Not necessarily on a prime beach day, either. Sometime you’ve just got to take your luck, head that way and get out in it! That’s what this pensive fellow has done in this… Continue Reading “Time to walk the Beach”

Quick beach trip, two photos

I did make a quick beach excursion yesterday and took about 60 shots. It was cloudy and rained intermittently. That was good in that it kept the crowds from getting out of hand, which is a thing here in Florida all throughout the summer.… Continue Reading “Quick beach trip, two photos”

Peter Pelican is cruising north

When I get to the beach with that camera in my hand, I see a lot of gulls. They’re featured very prominently on this blog. I don’t get pelicans that often. They’re faster than gulls and tend to dive-bomb a lot, so getting good… Continue Reading “Peter Pelican is cruising north”

Good Beach Outing with Lots of Pix

I had a really nice trip to Cocoa Beach recently and have quite a few pix I’m happy with. The next major thing for the blog is to get some of my photos from that hike at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management area. That’s still… Continue Reading “Good Beach Outing with Lots of Pix”

Of Girls and Gulls

When I get to the beach, taking photos is a big part of the day. For me, it’s quite possibly the biggest part of any trip to the shore. When the camera comes out, there are usually plenty of possible subjects around. Seagulls are… Continue Reading “Of Girls and Gulls”

Ben Sneaks Off to the Beach on Thanksgiving Eve!

I had a ball at the beach today! Didn’t decide to go until about 1:45 this afternoon, so it wasn’t the longest beach outing I’ve had lately, but it was time very well spent. My schedule and my budget have conspired to keep me… Continue Reading “Ben Sneaks Off to the Beach on Thanksgiving Eve!”

Another Fabulous Day to Be at the Beach

It truly is a gorgeous day today. Spent a good chunk of it soaking up some rays and enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. Last night I wasn’t completely sure I was beach-bound but one of my fave Central Florida weather folk,… Continue Reading “Another Fabulous Day to Be at the Beach”

Life’s A Beach! And Then You Go Back to Work…

I ended up scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday again this weekend and it’s not the end of the world. I like the work I do and our management and crew are exceptional people to work with, so I’m not going to whine about… Continue Reading “Life’s A Beach! And Then You Go Back to Work…”

Trips to the Beach On Those Cloudy, Overcast Days

  Trips on days like that can be nice. I made it to the beach on one of those days about two weeks ago. I was sure that I’d get wet but my beach jones was so bad that day that I pointed my… Continue Reading “Trips to the Beach On Those Cloudy, Overcast Days”