Fave Fotos: Crow with Attitude at The Brevard Zoo

Fave Fotos: Crow with Attitude at The Brevard Zoo

And speaking of the Brevard Zoo! That Fave Foto is a pic I love from my trip to the Brevard Zoo three or four weeks ago that I think is well worth a look. This dude has a ‘tude, wouldn’t you say?

That was a very fun and productive trip; the critters — for the most part — were very cooperative, the weather was perfect and I saw some new things I couldn’t have seen in previous trips. What’s not to like? (Well, the zip line damn near killed me, but it was still fun!)

I hope your hump day is going well. I’ll be posting again before long. I just might have more to say about that totally exhausting but totally fun zip line adventure…


“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile


How Much Fun are Zip Lines, Anyway?

How Much Fun are Zip Lines, Anyway?

Bulldog loves to zip. Only done it three times but I’m going again when I get the chance. I’ve done the one at The Central Florida Zoo. It’s good, but too many rope ladders and assorted obstacles between zips. Most of the zippers are kids; I was, without a doubt, the oldest dude on the course that afternoon. It was exhausting. Fun and exhausting.

The TreeUmph Adventure course in Bradenton is fun. The final zip there is a doozie! Had a good time that day; the crew was very helpful and friendly. I would go back, but I may never be in that part of the Sunshine State again.

The one at Gatorland Zoo here in Central Florida is my fave, without a doubt. Four zips, but much higher than most and not too many rope ladders to get to the good parts! And their crew rocks! The best zip experience I’ve ever had, without a doubt. I am going back, perhaps on the next vacation.

If you’ve never zipped, give it a try. I had a ball. I’ve really enjoyed my three times jumping out of an airplane, too. That will be the subject of another post. Zipping comes close to the thrill of skydiving and it’s much easier on the pocketbook.


Confirmed zipper Bulldog Ben