Hillary Taps Virginia Senator Tim Kaine!

I got an email from Hillary today. Everybody’s heard the news by now, but we donors and supporters got the scoop before the media… Well, about 30 seconds before, but that counts! Flashes big grin…

Sen. Tim Kaine is a very able public servant. This former Governor of the State of Virginia is a man of vast experience and was an excellent choice. Virginia is a swing state, this pick makes sense strategically. And unlike Sen. Warren, his successor in the Senate will be chosen by a Democratic Governor.

The Ochre Ogre will not set foot in The White House. Without a doubt, this election is going to be one for the ages.  Hillary’s ready. Tim’s ready. So am I.

To read a good and detailed feature on Sen. Kaine joining the Democratic ticket, follow this link.


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

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