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Bulldog Had Nothing to Say About Our Election

I’ve placed a high priority on covering important events here on da bulldog blog. So it may seem just a bit strange that I had nothing to say about the result of the recent Presidential election. Yeah, that was exactly one month ago today.… Continue Reading “Bulldog Had Nothing to Say About Our Election”

Yes, There is an Org called Republican Women for Hillary!

Over the years I’ve found many timely and insightful features in Rolling Stone Magazine. Their work about politics has always been very solid. Great feature this time around about conservative and Republican women who are leaving the Trump camp in droves and backing Hillary… Continue Reading “Yes, There is an Org called Republican Women for Hillary!”

Hillary Makes History

July 26, 2016 There I was, in my living room, TV tray and all, watching Hillary make history. My bachelor’s feast of hot dogs–all beef, of course–and chips was well-suited for the occasion. My party–the Democratic Party of the United States–had just nominated Hillary… Continue Reading “Hillary Makes History”

Hillary Taps Virginia Senator Tim Kaine!

I got an email from Hillary today. Everybody’s heard the news by now, but we donors and supporters got the scoop before the media… Well, about 30 seconds before, but that counts! Flashes big grin… Sen. Tim Kaine is a very able public servant.… Continue Reading “Hillary Taps Virginia Senator Tim Kaine!”

Hillary in Handcuffs! NOT!

I’m not at all surprised that FBI Director James Comey announced that no charges are appropriate and that none will be brought against Hillary Clinton or anyone else on her staff in the dust-up over her use of a private e-mail server during her… Continue Reading “Hillary in Handcuffs! NOT!”

As we head into the thick of the 2016 elections, this could happen

The Bulldog Barks I’ve been paying close attention to elections since Nixon vs McGovern in ’72 and although I’ll admit to not voting in that one, I haven’t missed one since. I was a freshman in college out of my home state and waited… Continue Reading “As we head into the thick of the 2016 elections, this could happen”