Lately I’ve been ready to head back out at each opp to see some new beautiful corner of Florida. Or revisit a familiar spot. Not happenin’ this weekend. It’s too cold and I’ve got too many tasks demanding attention. Way too many, truth be told.

But seeing as how I took about 80 or 90 photos at that awesome, serenity-promoting trip to Moss Park I just wrapped up 36 hours ago, why not post another pic or two from that excursion! I think I will…

Here’s another one I especially like. It came early in the shoot. Selecting your faves and getting them ready and all of that can be a bit time-consuming. Very rewarding but it can take a while. I have around a dozen or so I’d like to get up, so I’ll let this gem be next.

I hope life is treating you well where ever you may be as you read this. And I hope you’re getting a chance to delight in the wonders of this amazing planet that sustains us.


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile


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