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Fort Christmas Park

My fellow outdoor enthusiast and I made another trip to Orange County’s Fort Christmas park a couple of weeks ago. It was another splendid trip, and I did have a chance to take some good photos. When you visit Fort Christmas Park, there are… Continue Reading “Fort Christmas Park”

Blanchard Park and the Little Econ

My traveling companion and I had a marvelous time at Blanchard Park on the east side of Orange County recently. That outing was about ten days ago and it was a great morning in a wonderful and somewhat under-appreciated spot in the Orange County… Continue Reading “Blanchard Park and the Little Econ”

Downey Park revisited

I had a little idle time this afternoon and started thinking about how I’ve had few opps to get out of the house lately. It wasn’t a good feeling. I started looking through some of the folders for pix on my hard drive and… Continue Reading “Downey Park revisited”

Another Triumphant Trimble Trip!

I just can’t get enough of Trimble Park. As you may remember, it’s a very nice park right where Orange and Lake counties meet. Although it’s actually in the very small Orange county town of Tangerine, that tiny hamlet does not deliver mail, so… Continue Reading “Another Triumphant Trimble Trip!”

Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park

Visiting parks and natural sites, with or without camping, is one way Americans like to spend the holidays. I throw my lot with my fellows who’re into such things. I’m very much hoping to spend at least a part of the week between Christmas… Continue Reading “Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park”

A Visit to My County’s Ag Extension Service

Some of you may know that I’ve been wanting to find ways to grow stuff. I had a ball gathering some ideas at Orlando’s Veg Fest nine days ago. There were hundreds of companies, growers, educators and agencies who rented tables for the event;… Continue Reading “A Visit to My County’s Ag Extension Service”

Making Final Preps For a Return to Moss Park

In spite of their very aggressive raccoons — one of whom had the stones to rummage through my car last time — I truly do love Moss Park. Headed back this week and I promise to get some good pix. Battery’s charged and I’m… Continue Reading “Making Final Preps For a Return to Moss Park”

A Busy and Cold Weekend Here in Florida. Let’s Look at Moss Park Pix Again!

Lately I’ve been ready to head back out at each opp to see some new beautiful corner of Florida. Or revisit a familiar spot. Not happenin’ this weekend. It’s too cold and I’ve got too many tasks demanding attention. Way too many, truth be… Continue Reading “A Busy and Cold Weekend Here in Florida. Let’s Look at Moss Park Pix Again!”

Triple Trimble Tuesday!

Well, it is Tuesday. And I do want to send along one more photo that features the beauty of Orange County’s Trimble Park. Okay, maybe two. Good shot of the meeting of Lake and Sky first. And then another sunset pic. I like the… Continue Reading “Triple Trimble Tuesday!”

Another Shot or Two from Trimble Park.

There must be thirty or forty docks at the park. No, that’s not an exaggeration! A view of a dock or two. This huge lake is Lake Griffin. Call Orange County Parks and Rec if you’d like to book or need info such as… Continue Reading “Another Shot or Two from Trimble Park.”