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What should a camping space feel like?

Last month I had a chance to pitch my tent in another one of our Florida State Parks. That would be Colt Creek State Park a little north of Lakeland, Florida. Lakeland is where I’m living these days and Colt Creek is by far… Continue Reading “What should a camping space feel like?”

Return to Moss Park

A couple of months ago I spent a very pleasant part of a winter’s day at Moss Park. This gem is about 4 miles from Orlando Int’l Airport and features amazing scenery and camping, among other things. I always love making a trip and… Continue Reading “Return to Moss Park”

National Love a Tree Day!

Well, that’s what day it is! I’m feeling like they made one of those cool “National Days” just for me! I love trees. I worship trees! No, I do! I’m just so tickled that this day does, in fact, exist! If it didn’t, I’d… Continue Reading “National Love a Tree Day!”

The Recent Return to Moss Park Was a Success in Every Way

No, it wasn’t just about lots of butterfly pix. That was a real treat, for sure. Even if I’m the only one who thinks those photos constitute some really awesome camera work. It may well have been my coolest encampment yet. And the gang… Continue Reading “The Recent Return to Moss Park Was a Success in Every Way”

J’ai seulement vu un papillon la première fois

When I saw this photo the first few times, I thought it was only one exquisitely beautiful papillon, but it’s two. Not sure why I didn’t see the second one for a while. She’s turned “on edge” so she seems one-dimensional. But there are… Continue Reading “J’ai seulement vu un papillon la première fois”

Seulement un Beau Papillon Ici

Love this shot. I can’t do much better. Sometimes the photo gods smile on you.   Bulldog Ben   Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

More Beauty Out Here. I Have No Words to Describe It

I think I took something like 480 les photos des papillons aujourd’hui. Will only get a few up here. Here’s another one that stuns me. I’m done putting these pix up on my blog for now. I’ve got to get back to editing. That’s… Continue Reading “More Beauty Out Here. I Have No Words to Describe It”

Exquisite Beauty is Hovering Around Moss Park Today

I’m in butterfly heaven right now. Some of these photos can almost make me cry. Much more editing to do, but I’m getting some of the ones I really like out now. Are butterflies not some of God’s most amazing creations? (Don’t draw any… Continue Reading “Exquisite Beauty is Hovering Around Moss Park Today”

Making Final Preps For a Return to Moss Park

In spite of their very aggressive raccoons — one of whom had the stones to rummage through my car last time — I truly do love Moss Park. Headed back this week and I promise to get some good pix. Battery’s charged and I’m… Continue Reading “Making Final Preps For a Return to Moss Park”

A Busy and Cold Weekend Here in Florida. Let’s Look at Moss Park Pix Again!

Lately I’ve been ready to head back out at each opp to see some new beautiful corner of Florida. Or revisit a familiar spot. Not happenin’ this weekend. It’s too cold and I’ve got too many tasks demanding attention. Way too many, truth be… Continue Reading “A Busy and Cold Weekend Here in Florida. Let’s Look at Moss Park Pix Again!”