Trimble Park, Orange County’s Best-Kept Secret

Trimble Park, Orange County’s Best-Kept Secret

If you like to do outdoor stuff, let me recommend you overnight at Trimble Park in Tangerine. (That’s the tiny town after Zellwood but before Mt. Dora!) I just wrapped up a one-dayer stay at Trimble Park and I am one happy camper!

I took a photo or three and I’ll share a few. It really is a special site and it does truly “fly under the radar”. I’ve been in this county for over 50 years and I had no idea this lovely park even existed.

If you like to camp, Trimble features 15 great lots. You’ll mostly see RV’ers there, I was the only tent camper on-site for this outing. (That’s not too unusual, as many of you many may know.) But I’m all-in for tent camping. And I’m having way too much fun!

Hope to see you sometime before too long. Maybe at one of our awesome beaches, campgrounds or outdoor music venues. Life’s too damn short to spend all of it hiding in your living room, man cave or that little cubicle you’re chained to from 9-5. ┬áThere are so many opportunities to do outdoor stuff here in the Sunshine State. Until recently, I had let slip through my fingers a thousand and one of those opps. And now I’m making up for lost time.

Photo credits Benjamin Lawrence Basile

One of Life’s Unsolved Mysteries–KFC and Gravy

One of Life’s Unsolved Mysteries–KFC and Gravy

Seriously, folks! Why is it that the gravy served with those mashed potatoes at KFC is frickin’ beef gravy? Why can’t you at least ask for a chicken-based gravy to go with those not-that-great mashed taters! Bulldog just cannot understand how this came to be… Just can’t. For real.


Photo Credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile

First Watch is First Choice for Good Grub in Longwood

I found myself driving past First Watch one cold, dreary December morning recently and jumped at the chance to let someone else take care of breakfast. I had spent a very wet night camping nearby at Wekiva Springs State Park and was not up for making breakfast at my camp site. By the way, that park is beautiful; I’m whining only about the weather. I loved the park itself and will go back another day; perhaps Mother Nature will be in a better mood.

Anyway, back to First Watch. It is a fine choice for a hot and hearty breakfast, especially on a cold winter morning. The sausage and eggs were perfectly done, the rye toast could not have been better and my service was very good. The home fries seemed like they’d been under a heat lamp just a bit too long, but that’s a┬áminor issue in my book.

I saw several couples having breakfast. I think I was the only solo patron on this trip. Although a saw no kids on this visit, it seemed as though it would be a family-friendly spot. I did see high chairs at the ready.

The decor at First Watch is simple and natural. Some would say boring. But I like and patronize places with tans, earth tones and some actual wood. Too many eateries now eschew anything that looks even remotely traditional but I like the “feel” here. I call it traditional-ish without being stodgy.

As far as value, my check was about what I’ve had at Peach Valley Cafe, Keke’s and other establishments offering breakfast and lunch. And there’s plenty of parking in the Publix shopping plaza where they’re located.

Loved it. Will most definitely go back to First Watch the next time I’m in that part of Central Florida.


First Watch ~ 2425 W State Rd 434, Longwood, Florida 32779 ~ 407 774-1830

Visited December 2016

Fave Fotos — Yes, It’s a Beach Shot Again!

Fave Fotos — Yes, It’s a Beach Shot Again!

This trip was way too much fun. I learned that Long Point Park and camp ground is a really primo spot for a get-away. Of course, about a bah-jillion other nature lovers and campers agree about that. So it’s good to try to book ten months to a year ahead.

Had a great time on this latest excursion. Will be back at Long Point before too long.

My mid-day routine was to visit the near-by Atlantic beaches; that, too, was awfully nice. I learned that Melbourne Beach is not very close to Melbourne. In fact, they’re about 22 miles apart. Long Point Park is the very last bit of sand before you hit the bridge and enter Indian River County. Now I know.

Like it. A lot. Got some good pix. Here’s one of them.


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile