Fave Fotos — Yes, It’s a Beach Shot Again!

Fave Fotos — Yes, It’s a Beach Shot Again!

This trip was way too much fun. I learned that Long Point Park and camp ground is a really primo spot for a get-away. Of course, about a bah-jillion other nature lovers and campers agree about that. So it’s good to try to book ten months to a year ahead.

Had a great time on this latest excursion. Will be back at Long Point before too long.

My mid-day routine was to visit the near-by Atlantic beaches; that, too, was awfully nice. I learned that Melbourne Beach is not very close to Melbourne. In fact, they’re about 22 miles apart. Long Point Park is the very last bit of sand before you hit the bridge and enter Indian River County. Now I know.

Like it. A lot. Got some good pix. Here’s one of them.


Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile