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Time to walk the Beach

Sometimes you just want to walk up and down the beach. Not necessarily on a prime beach day, either. Sometime you’ve just got to take your luck, head that way and get out in it! That’s what this pensive fellow has done in this… Continue Reading “Time to walk the Beach”

Meet my new gull friend

My beach trip from last Thursday was good. It was one of those trips where I came back with so many photos that I’m not quite sure what I’d like to feature on the blog. But I’m thinking this one’s an easy choice to… Continue Reading “Meet my new gull friend”

Crowded Beach, Serene Beachscape

I made it out to the beach yesterday and, yes, it was just a bit crowded! But, it’s June in Florida, so that’s just how that works! When beachgoers are almost on top of each other, it’s not my fave time to head for… Continue Reading “Crowded Beach, Serene Beachscape”

Fave Fotos: One More from a Summer of ’17 Beach Outing

Time to bring out a photo from a trip back in July. I like this shot. It recreates for me the feel of expectancy just before you get to the end of the ramp where you can see the sand, smell the sea and… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: One More from a Summer of ’17 Beach Outing”

Fabulous Day To Be at the Beach

It is a beautiful day out there and I made the most of it. A great pleasure today to be back at the shore, enjoying the sights and sounds unique to a beach. Yeah. Cocoa Beach again, my go-to spot. My little friend here… Continue Reading “Fabulous Day To Be at the Beach”

Heading to Cocoa Beach in a Few Minutes. You Can’t Stop Me!

It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to bow at the Sacred Altar of Poseidon but I’m heading to the shore as fast as my PT Cruiser will take me! I have done lots of very cool outdoor stuff in the last… Continue Reading “Heading to Cocoa Beach in a Few Minutes. You Can’t Stop Me!”

Fave Fotos — Yes, It’s a Beach Shot Again!

This trip was way too much fun. I learned that Long Point Park and camp ground is a really primo spot for a get-away. Of course, about a bah-jillion other nature lovers and campers agree about that. So it’s good to try to book… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos — Yes, It’s a Beach Shot Again!”

Fave Fotos: Made It Back to the Beach on Sunday

I did get back to the beach yesterday, it had been way too long. It’s still summer down here in the Sunshine State. Although the too-hot temps were no fun, I had a good time. This would be my fave foto from this outing.… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: Made It Back to the Beach on Sunday”

Fave Fotos: When Seagulls Attack!

I love this photo. Took it at Cocoa Beach a few months ago. Once in a while an amateur shutterbug like me gets lucky. Maybe in life it really is all about the timing. Hope you like it. By the way, the main reason… Continue Reading “Fave Fotos: When Seagulls Attack!”