Another Triumphant Trimble Trip!

I just can’t get enough of Trimble Park. As you may remember, it’s a very nice park right where Orange and Lake counties meet. Although it’s actually in the very small Orange county town of Tangerine, that tiny hamlet does not deliver mail, so the park has a Mt. Dora mailing address even though that popular and well known town is across the county line.

Confused? Well, here’s the important part: Trimble Park is just overflowing with natural beauty and critters of every kind. And offers some of the nicest, most serenity-filled camping experiences anywhere in the Sunshine State.

I had my clothes and too much camping gear soaked pretty good on the first night. I had gone back to O’do to enjoy a movie with my little bro, and the rain came. I didn’t put on the rain fly because the weather forecast said no rain was coming. Yeah, Mother Nature caught me with my guard down. But Wednesday morning was quite sunny and I was able to dry everything out pretty well.

It was a nice outing in spite of the first night rains. I did get some pretty good photos and have made one I like especially the banner photo here. I feel all serene again just looking at it now.

May you enjoy some quiet, tranquil moments this day. I’ll be posting with more awesome photos before much longer…


“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile


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