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Help for the Eastern Indigo Snake

One of Florida’s iconic snakes, the Eastern Indigo has been having a tough time in the last little while. The problems are familiar and are not so easily remedied in a time where it seems like every square inch of habitat in Florida has… Continue Reading “Help for the Eastern Indigo Snake”

Another Triumphant Trimble Trip!

I just can’t get enough of Trimble Park. As you may remember, it’s a very nice park right where Orange and Lake counties meet. Although it’s actually in the very small Orange county town of Tangerine, that tiny hamlet does not deliver mail, so… Continue Reading “Another Triumphant Trimble Trip!”

About the Open House at the Tosohatchee WMA

This post took a while. Bulldog’s had a lot on his plate of late. But that event at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area was very cool, and there’s much on which to report. First of all, this open house took place on Jan 27th… Continue Reading “About the Open House at the Tosohatchee WMA”

Headed Back to Tosohatchee Next Saturday

The Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area is, by far, the closest of Florida’s WMA’s to my neck of the woods. I loved the afternoon I spent there back on January 4th and so I was happy to see that our FWC is planning an event… Continue Reading “Headed Back to Tosohatchee Next Saturday”

Fish and Wildlife Commission Sets Aside a New Conservation Area

Our FWC here in Florida is always engaged in doing things to protect wildlife and make it easier for Floridians to learn about and enjoy it. In fact, to me, our Fish and Wildlife Commission is just about the only arm of state government… Continue Reading “Fish and Wildlife Commission Sets Aside a New Conservation Area”