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I did get back there and…

I enjoyed my camping trip to Tosohatchee WMA just beyond Christmas. That awesome but tiny little town is the last community before the Orange-Brevard line. Had a good time but I did learn one unpleasant lesson: even in a Wildlife Management Area, where you… Continue Reading “I did get back there and…”

Heading back to Tosohatchee!

Haven’t been camping in about three months or so and I’m going through withdrawals! No, that’s not a joke! So I’ll get my next “nature hit” in about a week’s time and I’m all jacked up over it! I like the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management… Continue Reading “Heading back to Tosohatchee!”

Big Storm in Orlando means one RV’er is NOT a Happy Camper!

Just saw this feature while cruising some news sites. What a story this is! I have camped here, twice. Very nice park. I have not camped where this gentleman was because the park has separate areas for RV’ers and tent campers like yours truly.… Continue Reading “Big Storm in Orlando means one RV’er is NOT a Happy Camper!”

Dreams of a winter’s day in F-L-A

Sometimes when I come back from an outing, it takes me a while to adjust to my thoroughly-mundane existence again. Just living somewhere. Somewhere with a few walls, indoor plumbing and a roof. It takes me a while before I can stifle the feeling… Continue Reading “Dreams of a winter’s day in F-L-A”

Full Moon over Tosohatchee WMA

Last night there was a lovely full moon illuminating my camp site. I don’t think I can truly describe what it was like. The magnificent moon shadows took my breath away; I was spellbound. Last night was extraordinary for another reason. My youngest turned… Continue Reading “Full Moon over Tosohatchee WMA”

Could you ever camp and not…

Could you ever, ever go camping and not bring your camera along? Well, you could. But for me, it just wouldn’t be the same. The banner photo this time is the pic that just might be my fave from the trip. I took close… Continue Reading “Could you ever camp and not…”

This time at Tosohatchee, Bulldog…

This time, I got to stay a while! Three days and two nights, so a bit longer than the quickies I’ve had at the Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area so far. I had a blast. Leaving most of the clothes I had planned to bring… Continue Reading “This time at Tosohatchee, Bulldog…”

Headed Back to Tosohatchee Next Saturday

The Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area is, by far, the closest of Florida’s WMA’s to my neck of the woods. I loved the afternoon I spent there back on January 4th and so I was happy to see that our FWC is planning an event… Continue Reading “Headed Back to Tosohatchee Next Saturday”

Grits and Bacon Bits! A Marriage Made in Heaven!

Am I the only guy who throws some bacon bits into his grits just before plating ’em? It’s a very cool trick I discovered while camping last winter and it works just as well in the kitchen, folks! Of course, I don’t mean bacon… Continue Reading “Grits and Bacon Bits! A Marriage Made in Heaven!”

Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park

Visiting parks and natural sites, with or without camping, is one way Americans like to spend the holidays. I throw my lot with my fellows who’re into such things. I’m very much hoping to spend at least a part of the week between Christmas… Continue Reading “Bulldog’s Christmas Wish Is a Return to Trimble Park”