Passing along some amazing pix

Passing along some amazing pix

As anyone who’s read my blog knows, I really love sharing good photos with folks who come around. Wanting to share good photographic work is, by far, the biggest motivator for me when I’m putting together a new post.

Usually it’s my work. Today it’s not. This brief feature I found on yahoo news is just so very good! I like it better than any photo feature I’ve seen in a very long time.

A smallish ship named Gunilda went down in Lake Superior 107 years ago. Because of the depth at the site and the cold climate, it’s almost perfectly preserved.

Seeing these extraordinary photos is well worth a couple of minutes of your day. Really.

If you like good–and very unusual–photography as much as I do, click on this link.


Lover of good photography, I am,

“Bulldog Ben” Basile


Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile

PS: the banner pic at the top of this post is one of mine and is not, of course, from the wreck of Gunilda. It’s from the “wreck” of a now-sunken restaurant I loved. I chose it simply because I like it and it fits the mood of the post better than any other photo I have at my disposal.






Just a Real Quick Follow Up!

Just a Real Quick Follow Up!

Just a quick follow up from that earlier post today about National Drink Wine Day here…  I did go with a Pinot Grigio. Yeah, it’s a cheap one. But I still get credit for commemorating this awesome day!

I’ve never been the kind of guy to leave out an important detail!

Hope your day rocked!


Enjoying the occasion just a tiny bit too much, I am,

Besotted “Bulldog Ben” Basile



Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile



Today is National Drink Wine Day!

Today is National Drink Wine Day!

I’ll bet most of you didn’t know. I’m happy to do my part to let you know about really important things like National Drink Wine Day. It’s what I do. You’re welcome!

This evening, after work, I’ll do my part to celebrate this momentous occasion.

If you pull your weight, I won’t have to drink an extra glass to compensate!

Whether you imbibe or not, I hope this Sunday is  fine day for you; I’ll be checking in again in the near future with another post of monumental importance!



Bulldog Ben


Photo credit Ben Lawrence Basile


Bulldog had a ball baking bread!

Bulldog had a ball baking bread!

I truly did. Baked this skillet bread back around the holidays and wanted to try it again. The only difference is a added 1/4 tsp of Fruit Fresh–basically ground up vitamin C–to help it “live” a day or two longer. A tip from a baking web site.

Not sure how that’s going to work but I do like the way it turned out. Gonna go cut into it and toast some cheese over it right frickin’ now! Just try and stop me!

Hope you’re having a fabulous (Valentines) day and like what you’re eating!


“Baker Ben” Basile


PS: Notice I acknowledged what day it was, but didn’t actually send along an appropriate sentiment; well, if you have a freshly-baked loaf of bread, what would you possibly need a sweetheart for? Just sayin’…





Bulldog has a serious Thin Mint addiction!

Bulldog has a serious Thin Mint addiction!

They got me! I tried walking real fast by their table, but one of them smiled at me! That’s some serious high-pressure marketing right there! Unfair!

Yeah, it’s #GirlScoutCookie time, people! Support your local troop! #ThinMints!



Groggy and with chocolate on my fingers, I am,

“Bulldog Ben” Basile



PS: Why does Publix allow them to set up that table by the entrance every year?


Photo and meme credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile


Author Ursula K. Le Guin Has Passed

Author Ursula K. Le Guin Has Passed

As I read today’s news, I had to ask myself: was there a better American author in Fantasy or Science Fiction than Ursula K. Le Guin? With multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards and The Newbery Medal, what a literary legacy she left!

This giant of 20th Century American Literature passed away yesterday. She was 88.

Her Earthsea Trilogy is without question the fiction work I love best. I devoured those three delightful tomes in a very short span while in high school.

It’s no exaggeration to say that her writing helped shape my views of the world more than anything outside the Bible. And I’ve no cause now, these many years later, to call into question the things I came to believe about life and human existence from her remarkable work.

Only in silence, the word. Only in dark, the light. Only in dying, life: bright the hawk’s flight on the empty sky.   The Creation of Éa

Rest In Peace, Ursula. I’m sailing for #Earthsea at first light.



Ben Lawrence Basile



The use of the map in the header photo is covered under the Fair Use doctrine

From the vault for National Squirrel Appreciation Day

From the vault for National Squirrel Appreciation Day

I’m thinkin’ not too many folks know that today is “National Squirrel Appreciation Day!” Yes, that’s for real!

In honor of the occasion, here’s a piece I wrote quite a long time ago for my first (now dormant) blog site; I ran it here in May of 2016.

Enjoy The Squirrel and the Spiritual Experience!

I had just dropped off a fare in my taxi and i decided to stop in at
a fast food place in Altamonte Springs for a quick bite. If you do
know the territory, Backyard Burgers is a better-than average
burger drive-through in an Old Checkers location. It’s quite popular
with the locals.

It’s pretty popular with some furry critters up there too! I got
my “Black and Bleu” burger, an extremely yummy burger featuring
black angus beef and bleu cheese, and proceeded to make short work
of it. It truly was as good a burger as this dog had ever put into
his jaws!

Just as I was about to toss the last morsel down, this very tame
squirrel began to make her way over to the patio table where I was
enjoying this late lunch. (At Backyard Burgers, there is no indoor

As she got a little closer, I became transfixed at the sight of her
approach and could not eat that last bit until I knew what she was
up to. In pretty short order she hopped right up on the bench next
to me and reared up on her hind legs. By now she was only about six
inches from me–from me and the last few crumbs of what had been the
best lunch I’d had in quite a while…

As I extended my hand in her direction, she actually put her little
claws right on my first finger and clasped my hand very gently
with a measured and seemingly purposeful pressure. I was quite
surprised to say the least. What I had expected her to do was to
reach for the bite o’ burger and scamper away like a bandit.

For a moment or two she just stayed there clasping my hand and
looking me right in the eye. Then, with consummate timing, she took
the morsel in her mouth and ate it in two or three bites all while
maintaining her eye contact with me, her very flabbergasted

Then she turned away, paused for just a moment and scampered
away towards a towering oak on the edge of the patio.

I suppose it’s a routine she’s quite comfortable with. I have not
been back to Backyard Burgers since but I’m thinking that she
probably has a regular stable of folks who share the last bite of
their lunches with her. I’ve even wanted to get back up there to see
if she’s still around, looking for humans who want to share their
grub with her, but I don’t get that far away from downtown
Orlando in my cab very often.

As I cruised back towards my preferred territory a little closer to
home, I could not get the image of her pausing with her paws on my
hand out of my mind… She seemed to be saying, “Thanks for sharing
your lunch with me! I hope you’ll come back and see me again” or
some such thing in her non-verbal squirrel language which humans may
be graced to understand just once in a while…

The memory of my shared lunch with my furry mistress comes back to
me often; especially when I’m passing any burger joint or when I see
squirrels scampering up and down our majestic oaks and through our
many parks. I would surely love to have a “Black and Bleu” burger
again. And you know I’d save the last bite for my new lunch


Bulldog Ben, respecting all of my

furry friends today just a bit more…



Photo credit Benjamin Lawrence Basile