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A Beautiful, Windy Beach Trip

Two weeks ago we were sitting around, trying to remember how long it had been since our last beach trip. It had been a while. So we fixed it. We loaded up the car and headed to Cocoa Beach, our favorite site for a… Continue Reading “A Beautiful, Windy Beach Trip”

August 30th is here, and…

…and it’s National Beach Day! Happy to say that I’m heading out in a few hours to get in on the party! If you’re anywhere near the coast–any coast–I hope you’ll get some sand in your shoes today. That’s my plan exactly! Just threw… Continue Reading “August 30th is here, and…”

Two Nights at Jetty Park

Because of work commitments, our vacations are generally of the weekend variety. Which may or may not actually fall on a weekend, by the way. In our most recent getaway, we had occasion to camp for two nights at Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral.… Continue Reading “Two Nights at Jetty Park”

Beautiful Beach, Good Weather and No Shells

Wrapped up a fine and long-overdue trip to Cocoa Beach recently. I love the beach, and the City of Cocoa Beach is always a pleasure to visit. And yes, the weather was near-perfect. But for whatever reason, it was tough finding shells. Now, I… Continue Reading “Beautiful Beach, Good Weather and No Shells”

Sunrise Diner in Cocoa Beach is the Real Deal

I have loved having breakfast at the Sunrise Diner in Cocoa Beach for about five or six years now. It’s my “go to” spot in Brevard Co. for real food at breakfast-time. You’ll notice as you approach, that’s it one of those diners. You… Continue Reading “Sunrise Diner in Cocoa Beach is the Real Deal”

Fabulous Day To Be at the Beach

It is a beautiful day out there and I made the most of it. A great pleasure today to be back at the shore, enjoying the sights and sounds unique to a beach. Yeah. Cocoa Beach again, my go-to spot. My little friend here… Continue Reading “Fabulous Day To Be at the Beach”

Heading to Cocoa Beach in a Few Minutes. You Can’t Stop Me!

It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to bow at the Sacred Altar of Poseidon but I’m heading to the shore as fast as my PT Cruiser will take me! I have done lots of very cool outdoor stuff in the last… Continue Reading “Heading to Cocoa Beach in a Few Minutes. You Can’t Stop Me!”

Bulldog Ben Really Loves the Beach

It’s so very true. I’m just not myself if I can’t see it, hear it and smell it at least once a month. Nothing promotes serenity quite like a trip to the beach. I’ve got my fave spots on the Atlantic coast. Daytona Beach… Continue Reading “Bulldog Ben Really Loves the Beach”