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Bulldog Was So Happy When He Realized

Well, you see, I was up a bit after midnight last night. Oops, that would be a bit after midnight this morning, to be more accurate. Up baking scratch cornbread muffins. And it made me so frickin’ happy when I realized that the shoe… Continue Reading “Bulldog Was So Happy When He Realized”

Bulldog Barks in This Quick Product Review

Today’s subject is Liqueurs; and I’m dead-set on doing something I almost never do! Telling everyone I know to avoid a product at all cost! Please know that I am deadly serious when I say “do not drink this stuff! Don’t ever, ever drink… Continue Reading “Bulldog Barks in This Quick Product Review”

Warning! Pancake Post in Progress!

Bulldog must disclose that this posting contains explicit Carbohydrate References! Folks, I’d never heard of the Aunt Maple’s brand before, but the deadly-good chocolate and banana stuff in this mix are NOT artificial! I truly loved my breakfast this morning! Want you to know… Continue Reading “Warning! Pancake Post in Progress!”

One of Life’s Unsolved Mysteries–KFC and Gravy

Seriously, folks! Why is it that the gravy served with those mashed potatoes at KFC is frickin’ beef gravy? Why can’t you at least ask for a chicken-based gravy to go with those not-that-great mashed taters! Bulldog just cannot understand how this came to… Continue Reading “One of Life’s Unsolved Mysteries–KFC and Gravy”

Hurricane Matthew: I’m Not Your BFF!

I’m doing what all Floridians are doing today: hunkering down in my apartment, waiting for Hurricane Matthew to pass. I starting preparing a few weeks ago. I’ve always stashed batteries, candles and that sort of thing; I’ve got battery-powered lanterns aplenty, a good digital… Continue Reading “Hurricane Matthew: I’m Not Your BFF!”

Florida: The Punchline State – WSJ

Bulldog barks: I love Dave Barry. Read one his columns for the first time at least 30 years ago and I swear he’s even funnier these days. If you spend three minutes reading Dave’s explanation about why the Sunshine State is so damn weird–funny… Continue Reading “Florida: The Punchline State – WSJ”

It’s September 1st and I’m Thinking About…

It’s the first of September and I have some pleasant thoughts associated with this particular milestone in our annual journey. It means college football is about to start. That’s a marvelous thing. I look forward to it each year. It means that Labor Day… Continue Reading “It’s September 1st and I’m Thinking About…”

Our Olympic Athletes Can’t Get Coffee?

I just can’t believe this. Oh my God! No frickin’ java for our Olympic athletes? Well, even though it’s hard to take in, this incredible story is true. I’ve found Mother Jones to be a reliable source of news on the internet. And it’s… Continue Reading “Our Olympic Athletes Can’t Get Coffee?”

Donald Trump Cartoons from US News

The internet is chock-full of cartoons on any topic you can imagine and there is no shortage of cartoons about “Don the Con”. Meaning Donald Trump, of course. The offerings here on the site for U.S. News are good. And they’re Bulldog Approved. Have… Continue Reading “Donald Trump Cartoons from US News”

Florida is Burning Up in the Summer of 2016

It’s really, really hot out there. Not that I’m telling you anything you didn’t already know. The other day I glanced at the temperature indicator on my dash on the way home. Even though it’s crazy-hot out there, I was a bit surprised to… Continue Reading “Florida is Burning Up in the Summer of 2016”